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  • E206: Thank You Weasel! No Mercy Predictions September 19, 2017
    The faction of smart marks does a brief reaction to Monday Night RAW. We make our predictions for No Mercy the coming weekend and spend sometime remembering the GOAT of managers and commentators Bobby Heenan. A little Infighting will always make you smile…. funny episode!
  • E205: Undisputed Era September 18, 2017
    Brian, Golda and Brian react and review NXT on the WWE Network from 9-13-2017.
  • E204: KO is a made man. September 13, 2017
    The smarkdown crew reacts to a loaded Smackdown. Kevin Owens has a career defining moment as he takes down the Chairman Vince MCMahon. The New Day reclaims the tag titles in an anything but street fight match. Naomi fails to regain the women’s championship and more professional wrestling conversation.
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