Joey Ryan: The Idiocracy of Pro Wrestling

In 2006 Mike Judge released a little-known sci-comedy called Idiocracy. The story was a tragic account of the dumbing down of our society and the slow decline of critical thinking or common sense. In the story Luke Wilson plays a solider, who did just enough to get by in life. Luke who eventually would be known as “Not Sure” was picked for an experiment along side a prostitute (Mya Rudolph) to go into cryo-sleep for one year. Complications occurred and the two were thrust 500 years into the future. In this time lapse we see standards lessen and curiosity fade, ie… the restaurant Fuddruckers morphs into the family friendly establishment known as “Buttfuckers”. Society is just looking for the simplest things to entertain and distract us with no care for the consequence on our society.

Now let’s talk about Joey Ryan. Let me be clear here, I am not innocent of the charges I am leveling at all of us who celebrated his rise to fame. I cheered on, retweeted and justified his new found glory with the now infamous “Dick Flip”. It was fun, new and different! I was amazed how much the fans suspended belief and as such I did as well. The problem with rooting on someone doing something below basic standards is that they feel they have room to grow, and grow he did.

We as wrestling fans slowly accept less and less, while unknowingly letting go of what wrestling is more and more. At first it was a dick in hand flip, then dick in ass flips, then butt bumps in the turnbuckle. Throw in bloody tampons, vomiting in mouths and other cringe worthy presentations; Now we have gone full blown Idiocracy. Call me a prude, call me Jim Cornette if you want but it has just gone too far!

I understand that Pro Wrestling has gone beyond headlocks, hulk ups and leg drops. I realize that false finishes are more accepted, “no selling” is now its own form of selling, punches are now wrestling moves and you are not cool unless you “Super-kick”. Where evolution is important in the industry, we must be mindful of a de-evolution as well. Just like in the movie where a farting backside becomes the accepted norm for entertainment, we now have accepted a variety of dick flips as wrestling.

Outrageous gimmicks are fun, for a moment. Crossing the accepted line can be a rush, for a moment. Making your name this way is fine, for a moment; but a moment is all it should be. Reinvent yourself and show that you have more range. Just like an aging rock band, it is OK to play your 30-year-old hit from time to time to get a pop from the crowd but it should not define you after the moment is over. You have won us over by shocking us, now shock us by being more.

After reading this, keep a couple of points in mind. I am not an English major or an expert on the industry. I don’t claim to be the moral authority and I hold not hate for Joey Ryan. I actually respect that he took a chance to make his name. I just don’t want the industry that I love to go down a path that hinders me from making my kids fans as well.

Written by Roadie Rob.

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